Published on Nov 9, 2018

by Kali Faulwetter

MotaWord combines a 15,000-strong community of language professionals with an AI tech platform to provide the world’s fastest enterprise-quality translations.  We have the disruptive tech, major marquee clients, and world-class language professionals in 80+ languages. By pioneering collaborative translation in the world, we have hired the best translators the market has to offer. After rigorous evaluation, we train our language professionals extensively, and by monitoring their performance, we hone their skills to the level of high-quality and accuracy we require for our platform.
Our global translator base has grown from 8,500 at the start of MotaWord, and we now could not be more excited to be working with over 15,000 professional translators within our platform.

The expertise of a MotaWord translator cannot be paralleled. Our professional translators are passionately committed to providing high-quality, fast translation to anyone who needs it, so they can express themselves professionally and accurately in any language. Machine translation is in its infancy and language is an ever-changing medium that currently AIs cannot interpret. Only a vetted, trained, language professional at MotaWord can deliver the high-quality translation your company requires.

If your goal is to reach out to new clients in a different country and expand your offering in a new language by translating your website, your user’s guides or software, MotaWord’s translators are here to make it painless for you. Translation, thanks to MotaWord, is the fastest, easiest and most often overlooked portion of expanding your business. Our team of expert translators and linguists are here to make sure you do not need to think about translation ever again.

Here are some “business and language” statistics, thanks to the Harvard Business Review, to illustrate just how important it is for any business, old or new, to care about where and how they translate their content:

 - 72.1% of consumers spend most or all of their time on websites in their own language.
 - 72.4% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language.
 - 56.2% of consumers said that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price.

We believe there is only one high-quality, professional solution to the problem of monolingualism in business: utilizing the expertise of our MotaWord translators! With goals that can only be attained through the efficient use of talented human translators, we use our collaborative, cloud-based, high-tech platform to deliver the best translations, in record time, 60% cheaper than the competition.

We look forward to seeing more translation projects sent our way. Just reach out to us directly via Intercom on our site, visit our pricing section, or send us an email at

About MotaWord

MotaWord is the world’s fastest professional translation platform. Through the use of cloud technologies, smart algorithms that manage projects around the clock and over 15 thousand professional translators MotaWord provides high-quality translations in any language 60% cheaper and 20 times faster than traditional translation agencies.