Translators Near Me

Published on Nov 8, 2018

by Evren Ay

Finding ‘translators near me” was a worry that I personally had whenever I had any dealings with my school, consulate or immigration authorities in New York or Paris as a student and then later in life as a young professional. 

Inadvertently, every time I had a bureaucratic necessity it always ended up with me having to provide some sort of foreign language documentation which needed a certified translation to be provided. And finding translators near me was the next step in this bureaucratic necessity. 

In Paris, back in 1993, I remember getting a list of all the translators near me while visiting the Turkish consulate in Paris and finding the closest one - an older gentleman who had a typewriter on a little portable desk at the entrance of a building. There was a short line of people waiting to get their birth certificates or diplomas translated and you would give it to him, go take a stroll and come back within an hour or two to pick it up. 

I have to admit if you got lucky and the line was short, this was the best type of service you could get. But the availability of these translators near me was not guaranteed and their services were not at all cheap. 

Many years later, I had the same need applying to the university in New York and the international student office of my university asked me to get my transcript translated. Once again I was left to look for translators near me in an effort to get my work done on the same day. 

I found a translation agency near me. Called them up, made an appointment and got my transcript translated within a couple of days. 

Perhaps one of the biggest boons of the internet is its ability to match need with a provider. Nowadays a simple search for “translators near me” on Google Maps search is much easier than a handout from a registrar’s office or consulate. It not only provides you with location information of translators near you but also with reviews and availability. 

But more important than that is the ability to conduct transactions right on your phone or computer. Rather than looking for translators near me, I can just take a picture of my document, submit it to an online professional translation service like MotaWord and get the whole process started right away. 

My translation will be completed within minutes and I will receive the translated file - certified if necessary for USCIS, consulate or university use - all from my cell phone. 

This little video can show you how simple it is to get a document translated in MotaWord. And MotaWord can do this for over 87 languages. See this link for a list of all supported languages:

Gone are the days of being dependent on providers and their availability. Platforms like MotaWord are always available and make sure that I am in touch with all of the “translators near me”.

About MotaWord
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