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Summary: What is a Translation API and how can MotaWord’s human translation API save you time and money.

Let’s talk about APIs, what they do and why, in the first place, and why should anyone bother with using one. For MotaWord, we’ll make the case that our human translation API makes using our services faster and easier. And since time is money, you’ll save on both by using our API. Here’s a terrific article that takes you through this topic: What Is an API and Why Should I Use One?

With MotaWord’s Human Translation API, getting your translation related information into and out of our system is fast and seamless. But maybe you're new to APIs, so we'll take a minute to describe just what they do.

What is an API?

API is the abbreviation for Application Programming Interface. An API is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. It’s the software ‘messenger’ that facilitates making a request of a provider application that can then deliver a response back to your application.

What are examples of APIs?

Travel booking aggregators such as Kayak, Hipmunk, Expedia are examples that many people are familiar with. Without APIs, these sites would not be able to request information from individual airlines, hotels, and car rental agencies. And, of course, you wouldn’t be able to do the actual booking of any reservation. The API is what allows your individual reservation information to be sent to a specific travel provider.

When APIs return data, it is usually in JSON or XML format. Your application will then display that data with formatting that is consistent with the look of the rest of your website.

And if you’re a more visual learner, you’ll appreciate this video:

MotaWord’s Human Translation API lets you access the best quality translations in over 90 languages, quickly and at great prices. Whether it’s a website, program or application our API can:

  • Provide immediate quotes for translations of your content in more than 90 languages, submitted and then returned in a variety of file formats
  • Accept a new translation job
  • Upload your style guides, glossaries, or documents to give context to your job and assist in a consistent product
  • Monitor the progress of the project in each language
  • Grab activity feeds as they happen, and
  • Deliver the completed, high-quality translations to where they are needed - with no human interaction

If you are a regular MotaWord customer or think you might become one, then it makes sense to consider using the MotaWord Human Translation API for all your translation work.

Learn more and get started using the MotaWord human translation API using the links below
Getting Started With MotaWord takes you through the particulars of getting set up with your MotaWord Translation API.
Translation API / Developer Portal Explains the basics of the MotaWord API and provides essential tools and documentation you’ll need to work seamlessly with MotaWord.

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Published on Jul 1, 2019 by MARCOS DINNERSTEIN

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