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Professional Translation Service by Human Translators

At MotaWord, professional translation refers to a diligent process where certain types of texts are assigned to a group of translators with the necessary skillset and experience. This step is followed by the final translation’s proofreading by an experienced professional editor who has working experience in the area of expertise of the source text. While maintaining a high quality, MotaWord also aims to keep its pricing at a reasonable level in order to make its language services available to a larger set of users. Therefore, its affordable professional translation services cost complements accurate translations with rapid delivery.

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Professional Corporate Translation

Professional text translation includes a wide variety of topics ranging from medical or pharmaceutical translation to marketing localization and legal documents’ translation. Providing professional translation services for documents and achieving top-notch quality in each project are not an easy task. MotaWord counts on a number of language experts in order to deliver excellent translation results while meeting the fast delivery requests of its clients at the same time. Professional business translation is a relevant example in this regard as a rapid-paced corporate environment usually demands shorter turn-around times.

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Professional Translation Fees

Professional translation services price is one of the first points to consider while deciding to collaborate with an online LSP or translation bureau. MotaWord establishes a sensitive balance between quality and cost with the purpose of maintaining global standards in every localization project. Professional translation cost is calculated by taking into account the total number of words in a document and area of expertise necessary for the text at stake. Our professional translation rates per word differ among language pairs, but we maintain global standards in each of them. The cost of professional translation services at MotaWord is of great significance in terms of our large client portfolio.

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Professional Translation Office

Both individuals and corporate identities can benefit from MotaWord’s professional translation platform 24/7. However, professional translation services for business transactions or similar routines may call for a different approach than individual translation needs. Professional translation services company MotaWord works in close collaboration with many well-established companies as well as start-ups every day. In this way, these corporations spend their time branding or focusing on new marketplaces instead of trying to find a professional document translator. Another reason for businesses to prefer MotaWord is its professional translation rates that are provided in line with reasonable global standards.

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Professional Translation Agency

As mentioned above, faster delivery and competitive rates are two main pillars upon which MotaWord’s language solutions are built. Its online translation platform is one of the reasons making both of these objectives achievable. While offering professional document translation online, it can go beyond local clients and be discovered by anyone around the globe. This system eliminates the need to go searching for a professional language translator physically. So much so that a first-time client can obtain professional document translation services online in French, Spanish, Arabic, and English among others directly through Google Drive.

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French Professional Translator at Your Service

Professional solutions for localization or translation demands emphasize a translator's mastery of a certain language to present a smooth process. Let us say a client needs professional instant translation of a financial document into French. When they initiate their translation process on MotaWord, their project is assigned to a set of professional translators who are native speakers of French. They no longer need to compare several professional online translation sites and receive test translations to see the expected quality. At MotaWord, you get top-notch results in every project thanks to this online system.


Questions Regarding Your Professional Translation

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