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Senior Software Engineer for Automation

Senior Software Engineer for Automation is responsible for engineer and develop for our automation systems, from event streaming/analysis to machine learning to front experience of our automations.

senior software engineer

Sales Manager

MotaWord has a team of International sales professionals working remotely from their preferred locations to spread the word on the superior offering MotaWord has brought to the translation industry. If you are curious about languages, passionate about new technologies, and can sell coffee to an Italian coffee maker, you will be at the right place.

sales manager

Community Manager

There is a reason the words “community” and “communicate” sound alike. They both stem from the Latin word “communis” which means “of or for the community”. As a Community Manager, you will be expected to communicate.

You will be expected to train our new translators, ensure that they adhere to the rules of our community, liaise with other Community Managers and MotaWord’s IT team to develop new processes and technologies, and constantly communicate with our translators and clients.

community manager