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Legal Document Translation

Legal document translation services encompass many types of official documents from passports and death certificates to adoption papers and immigration documents. As this area of expertise is generally needed for legal proceedings or similar bureaucratic processes, MotaWord expects a high level of meticulousness from every team member who is included in the translation or localization work of a legal text. Even a small deviation from the document to be translated while providing legal contract translation services may bring about severe consequences which may be quite costly to correct. If your business is seeking a translation expert asking, “where to translate documents near me”, MotaWord is the right address.

best legal translation services

Expert Legal Translation Company

The success of legal translation companies depends on the competency of their translators and proofreaders working on the relevant projects. At MotaWord, we are well aware of this situation and hand-pick every linguist who is supposed to provide language support in legal translation services. Whether you want to translate an official document into German, French, Arabic, or Chinese, MotaWord’s native-speaker translators can help you get professional legal translation services at an affordable price. Certified translation of legal documents may also be needed to authenticate the accuracy and integrity of the translation, which in turn ensures a smooth process for official procedures.

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Certified Legal Translator You Can Count On

Confidentiality is a sensitive issue, especially in terms of certified legal translation services. All the translators working on the MotaWord translation platform sign confidentiality agreements and NDAs before taking on their first project. Aiming to provide translating the best legal document services in the market, we actively monitor each project and the translators working on it. This enables us to keep track of platform entries and take immediate action before a possible breach of confidentiality even occurs. All these operations are also supported by a team of translation industry veterans who make sure the final product obtained from our system is free of any type of error in exchange for an economical legal document translation cost.

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Legal Translation Online

Professional legal translation services provided by MotaWord follow an innovative workflow that makes it possible for more than one legal translation expert to work on the same project simultaneously. Clients can upload their documents into our system to benefit from top-notch professional legal translation services online via many options, including Google Drive. MotaWord aims to bring accuracy and fast delivery together while offering legal text translation options worldwide. This system ensures that our legal translation costs are in parallel with global standards. It also means a faster turnaround in projects of large volume and quality legal text translation.

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Legal Translation of Marriage Certificate

Offering certified translation legal documents is one of the most challenging areas for any translator. One example of documents requiring this type of service is marriage certificates which are of utmost importance across many countries around the globe. Marriage certificate translation may be required by couples moving abroad or applying for immigration. The legal translation cost of this service is also maintained at global standards even though these documents contain detailed information that needs to be addressed by a translation professional. Certified legal document translation must take into account the legislation in both countries while translating a marriage certificate.

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Legal Language Translation Online

As more and more legal translation agencies integrate machine translation into their workflow, legal translation is also getting its share of this trend. However, human translation is a process that is supported by MotaWord while offering professional translation services legal. When legal documents translation online is realized by a team of carefully selected experts, our qualified proofreaders initiate a quality control and second reading process to ensure quality legal translation online results.


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