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Certified translations for USCIS done fast for Envoy.

Certified translations are a requirement for USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) for all foreign language documents. The immigration authority for the United States on their website explains the Foreign Language Documents and Translations requirement as: "All documents submitted in support of an application or petition must include a complete translation into English. In addition, there must be a certification from the translator indicating that the translation is complete and accurate and attesting to his or her competence as a translator. See 8 CFR 103.2(b)(3)."

Formerly known as VISANOW, Envoy was founded in Chicago in 1998 to help companies navigate the stressful, confusing and incredibly inefficient immigration and visa application process.

The company prides itself on remembering this simple motto: “Never, ever forget that behind all the applications and case files there are people.” Thousands of companies rely on Envoy to solve their immigration challenges.

And this brief video beautifully explains how Envoy helps large businesses manage foreign employees, their immigration status, new USCIS applications, renewals and reporting on costs and process.

While Envoy handles all the immigration side of things, we at MotaWord are proud to assist them with the certified translation requirements for all foreign language documents. All Envoy personnel has to do is upload the files to be translated, get an instant quote and get their USCIS translation started.

Once completed, Envoy receives the certified translations as per USCIS specifications in a PDF file which can easily be incorporated into their system.

To date, we provided translation services to Envoy in nearly all of the languages we support on our platform.

What’s more, the same seamless service and access to reliable certified translations are available to all visitors of our website. All you have to do to get an instant quote for a certified translation is to click "Order Translation" upload your document(s) and follow the simple steps. Your certified translations, ready for USCIS will be delivered within hours, rather than days.

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Published on Mar 8, 2022 by EVREN AY


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