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Academic Translation Service

At MotaWord, there is always an academic language translator available to satisfy our clients’ need for accurate and reasonably priced translation services. As academic translation is demanded by more and more customers due to the large volume of work published every day, distinguishing as an academic translation company that delivers the best results is not an easy task to accomplish. To this end, MotaWord only collaborates with expert linguists to ensure nothing is lost during the process of rendering the academic text from one language to another.

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Academic Translation Services

MotaWord offers academic translation services in a variety of languages ranging from Spanish and French to Arabic, German, and Chinese, among others. Today, a published work that is not translated into English is limited to some extent as it cannot reach a global audience to make a greater impact. Therefore, MotaWord’s academic English translation is tailored according to your specific needs. This task is entrusted to our expert team of translators who have an academic background in different areas of research. So, an academic article that is uploaded to MotaWord is handled by professionals that know what they are addressing.

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Academic Document Translation

Academic certified translation services have their own challenges, and this requires close collaboration among professional translators and proofreaders working on a certain project. When academic documents translation is finished, an editor starts implementing a quality analysis for the translation, eliminating any possible error that may be overlooked during the translation process. In addition, translation services for academic publishing need to consider specific requirements set by universities, publishing houses or academic programs of the target country. Academic magazines especially have a strict set of rules that absolutely need to be complied with in order to get published.

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Academic Translation Agency

There are thousands of scientific research being published in the form of theses or academic papers every day. As performing research and then analyzing the relevant data obtained is hard enough, MotaWord enables you to focus on your academic research by taking on the task of translating your paper or thesis in a professional and time-efficient manner. Academic transcript translation is an example of this phenomenon where the clients do not need to worry about this process. Professional academic translation services, therefore, offer a sigh of relief to each and every customer that benefits from these options with competitive pricing per word.

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Academic Translation Rates

As MotaWord translators work in a collaborative system, our clients can access a translation solution with fast turn-around time for academic translation services, USA-based. The same goes for academic translation services, UK-based as our online system allows translators from different time zones to work on the same project simultaneously. You can upload your document in various formats into our website and translators with relevant expertise can start working on the project without losing a minute. MotaWord even has a Google Drive plugin to facilitate the process of project creation on its collaborative localization platform.

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Academic Translation Online

Obtaining academic translation services in an online environment has its perk as well as its risks. An academic English translator that discloses the content of your academic work might pose issues with plagiarism during the publication. For this reason, those who need an academic transcript translation service need a trustworthy service provider that values the privacy of their customers. MotaWord ensures that the content uploaded to our website to be translated is not shared by any third parties. The academic translators collaborating with MotaWord also need to comply with these standards.


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