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MotaWord’s translation integration makes it easy to manage translation processes without leaving your Drupal website. With just a few clicks, you can professionally translate your website’s content into 114+ languages using the MotaWord TMGMT (Translation Management Tool Module).

Translation Management in Drupal

You no longer have to shuffle between Drupal and your translation provider. MotaWord’s integration provides instant quotes, tracks translation progress, and uploads the completed translation to your Drupal dashboard for easy review. Time-saving, right? MotaWord offers you 24/7 human translation that is:


Translate your content without leaving Drupal.


Manage all of your translations in one place. TMGMT is integrated into your Drupal Dashboard.


Save time and money with Drupal TMGMT, the most cost-effective and timely online human translation Module. It takes just 24 hours for your content to be translated and appear for review on your dashboard. You can submit comments to your translators directly to manage style and terminologies.


Your data is safe with MotaWord. MotaWord uses an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, dedicated servers, and (most importantly) vetted translators who sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. To learn more, check our data security policy.

How Does it Work?

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No Minimum Fee

We are interested in your translation needs, not how many words are in your document. You will be charged for only the words you need translated. All projects have the same importance to us, five words or 5000 words.

TEP (Translation, Editing, Proofreading)

Quality guides our TEP process. MotaWord’s collaborative human translation approach ensures that a team of translators carefully reviews your content at each step. TEP is always included in our quotes.

Translation Memory (TM)

We save each translation so you never lose work or pay for the same translation twice. With TM, we translate your projects to be consistent with your brand and localization goals. TM is on your dashboard for easy retrieval.

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