10 Reasons Why MotaWord is the Best Translation Solution for Immigration Lawyers

A USCIS application can be stressful for those going through a new phase in their life and their lawyers, in this case; an immigration lawyer. What will the process look like, when will the application be done, when will we hear back, and of course; will everything be fine?

For an immigration lawyer, putting together an application for a client and making sure that everything is flawless while handling multiple applications at the same time is stressful - even more so when you have to depend on outside vendors for certain parts of the process. This is a critical component of our legal system and they could truly use all the help they can get.

MotaWord provides just the type of translation support an immigration lawyer will need. When it comes to certified translations of documents needed for USCIS applications, hundreds of immigration lawyers depend on MotaWord and its over 20,000 strong translators for translation service in 98 languages - all managed by a state-of-the-art AI.

Immigration lawyers will be able to speed up document preparation for everything from asylum applications to H1’s while MotaWord handles fast translations of USCIS required documents. For a refresher on certified translations for USCIS please read our article: "Certified Translations for USCIS - Everything You Need to Know"

Why is MotaWord the best certified translation solution for immigration lawyers and their clients? There are a lot of reasons but we tried to categorize them under these 10 listed below.

Here are the 10 reasons why MotaWord is the best certified translation solution for an immigration lawyer…

1. MotaWord is Always Available

How much does this translation cost? When can it be done by? I need this translation in 1 hour, can that be done?

What if you never had to ask these questions in your immigration practice again?

MotaWord’s translation platform is available 24/7 and you can get an instant quote for all your certified translation needs just by navigating to our automated translation quote page and uploading your documents. Your quote will be instant and you can get your translation started right away. We have spent a lot of time reducing the steps necessary to get that quote, as a sign of how focused we are on our efficiency and speed.

These are no-obligation quotes, meaning if you have the actual time to shop around to confirm we are the best option, you can easily do that as well. So don’t worry any longer if it seems to be the middle of the night and you are finalizing paperwork soon and you realized that you need to get a certified translation of a birth certificate or diploma for USCIS. MotaWord is always available to you, no need to wait on anyone.

2. MotaWord is Fast

translation of documents for immigration

There is more to being fast than just being able to translate your content within hours, rather than days. And this is certainly something MotaWord does hundreds of times each day for hundreds of immigration lawyers.

MotaWord is the fastest translation provider in the world because we do not make you wait for a quote. You have no need to wait for an account manager or a client service representative to get a quote for your certified translation needs. You just go to the MotaWord quote page, upload the pdf of jpeg copies of your clients’ personal documents that need certified translations for USCIS onto our secure servers (read more about why sending documents in an email for a quote is wrong later on in this article) and then get an instant, no-obligation certified translation quote within seconds.

Once you are satisfied with your quote, all you have to do is use a credit card to make a payment and get back your translation within 12 hours for 99% of all projects.

Questions? How does a live-chat option 100% manned by our team at MotaWord around the clock sound?

They can answer you instantly and solve any issues you may have. When we say “MotaWord is fast” we do not only mean the speed of translation - we mean the speed of getting a quote and accessing support when needed.

3. MotaWord Costs Less

immigration translation

MotaWord is 20 times faster and 60 percent cheaper than traditional translation agencies. With MotaWord there are no minimum fees for a translation, meaning you can pay for five words if you need it. We also do not have any form of a subscription plan, so it is translation on-demand anytime you need it.

There is more to cost than just “the amount of money you expend to get a service.” Speed of service and availability are two criteria that must be taken into account.

Remember that old adage; “Time is money”?

The seamless nature of ordering a certified translation service using MotaWord - available to you any time of the day, for any type of document you might need translated - is a real time saver.

Add to that the speed in which you get your translations back (hours rather than days) and you may begin to see the true value of a translation partner who is always there for you.

For any translation need where a translation memory can be used, you will find MotaWord to be the most economical solution also. Our client based translation memory - free of use and kept for all of our clients - remembers previously translated strings and can provide cost savings at the quote phase for all parseable digital file formats.

What that translates to is that you don't have to pay twice for the sentences you are getting translated.

MotaWord is also an American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) member program participant for AILA member immigration lawyers. AILA member immigration lawyers may get additional discounts on their certified translation needs using MotaWord. You may read more about our AILA member benefits offering here: "Certified Translation Benefits for AILA Member Immigration Professionals."

4. MotaWord is Secure

By now you should know that sending personal documents via email can be risky. You have no control over where the documents end up. MotaWord is more secure than translation agencies because we go well beyond the industry norms of email transactions, NDAs, and trusting translator integrity.

MotaWord’s unique workflow, which creates safeguards by default, its secure infrastructure and servers, along with translator vetting and control make us the preferred partner for personal documents that immigration lawyers rightfully prefer not to email.

You may find more about MotaWord’s Data Security and HIPAA Compliance information here.

5. MotaWord is Human

immigration translation services

Don't fear us using words such as AI, cloud-based, or technologically powered translations. At the core of it, we still use vetted and trained professional translators. Our AI and technology allow us to not bog our translators down with housekeeping functions - enabling them to focus on what really matters - your translations.

We are not only about providing the best-certified immigration document translations, but we are about developing our own pool of translators, and ensuring that we have the best talent available for a wide range of subject matters.

6. The Best Immigration Lawyers Use MotaWord

We are proud to be the sole translation service provider to be part of the member benefits program of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). AILA has over 15,000 immigration lawyers as their members and we are proud to be selected every day by a new immigration law firm that decides to give MotaWord a try.

AILA member lawyers process tens of thousands of applications each year. This means a lot of paperwork and certified translation are needed. Since MotaWord can handle certified translations in over 98 languages, this is a natural fit that benefits both AILA and their members.

We are proud to be the go-to certified translation partner of hundreds of immigration lawyers and the most respected nationwide organization.

7. MotaWord is Easy to Work With

As an immigration lawyer you already have many moving parts. Certified translations should not add to these. We understand that and want to help provide the smoothest and easiest translation experience possible for you.

With MotaWord, instead of having to write an email, or get someone on the phone, you can get a certified translation quote in seconds. Just a document upload and you will have your quote instantly, in the same webpage all within seconds.

That's it. No haggling or miscommunications, or additional clarifications are needed. Our group of over 20,000 experts have seen numerous types of documents and have done extensive translations, especially immigration translation services, so they know exactly what needs to be done, in what format, and what the best and fairest pricing would be.

8. MotaWord is Fanatical About Support

translation immigration documents

You can reach us any time. Try it; seriously. Send a message to our live-chat, and someone will get back to you to answer any question you might have right-away. We take this level of support to provide you with the fastest quotes possible, and we have developed a way for you to get your documents to us so fast, you will be surprised when you see the certified translations sent back to you within hours in most cases.

Mistakes can happen, especially with the transliteration of names into the Latin alphabet if you did not already tell us how to do it - but with MotaWord a change request is as easy as coming onto our site, chatting with us and asking the change to be made. Any time of the day. We are here for you 24/7.

9. MotaWord Has The Technology & Process to Make Translation Seamless

What is “under the hood” matters. MotaWord’s fully automated project management system, along with our over 20,000 vetted, trained and monitored translator base ensures 24/7 service in 98 languages. This is the kind of translation partner an immigration lawyer needs when they are focusing on delivering the best possible service to their clients. You focus on the law, we focus on the certified translations for USCIS.

We will continue to always ensure we are up to date with everything related to the translation world.

Furthermore, MotaWord is a great partner for the multi-lingual website needs of an immigration lawyer. Our MotaWord Active tool can help you localize your website in seconds without having to do any localization management or coding.

Let us be that translation department within your law firm you’ve always needed.

When it comes to translation, an Immigration Lawyer needs it all - with MotaWord they can get it!

10. MotaWord is Available in 11 Languages

MotaWord is localized into 11 languages. The ability for non-English speakers to use our platform to order their certified translations directly is also a big draw for immigration lawyers to just recommend us to them. Through partnerships we have with many immigration law firms, we are also glad to offer a welcome discount code to new clients for the referral.

So if your client speaks Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Italian. German, French, Russian or any other language MotaWord is translated into, they can use our service with ease and will be thankful for your recommendation.

These are the top 10 reasons to switch to MotaWord. There are certainly others and we invite you to see it for yours

The only constant in life is change. And MotaWord is the change you need in managing your certified translation needs.

Often times we hear first-time MotaWord users tell us “where have you been all my life?” We were busy developing the world’s fastest human translation platform. And here we are.

Both seasoned and novice immigration lawyers have a plan when it comes to getting the certified translation needs of their clients fulfilled. But now that MotaWord is here, those are obsolete.

All you have to do is give MotaWord a try the next time you need a certified translation and get a no-obligation, instant-quote. If we are indeed able to get your quote instantly, if we are faster and more convenient; isn’t it time you worked with the best certified translation provider in the market?

Get an instant, no-obligation translation quote now.


Published on Oct 21, 2021 by EVREN AY

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