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Professional Birth Certificate Translation

Birth certificate translation company MotaWord acts as a mediator between the professional translators in the industry who have years of knowledge in their relative area of expertise and its business customers who always have high expectations in terms of quality and timely delivery. In addition to competitive birth certificate translation price per word, MotaWord also promises to guarantee expert translation results with an attention to detail and cultural nuances between different source and target language pairs.

translation of birth certificate near me

USCIS Certified Birth Certificate Translation

Birth certificate translation USCIS requires a certain level of compliance with the requirements of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Therefore, MotaWord has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in this regard by translating and delivering many birth certificate documents across different languages and attesting to their authenticity. As this is a must for many legal translations of birth certificate documents, MotaWord has a dedicated team of professional translators that can work collaboratively to deliver your birth certificate translation in a timely manner.

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I-485 Birth Certificate Translation

When you need to file for I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, any birth certificate needs to include an English translation. MotaWord birth certificate translation office can help its clients by offering I-485 birth certificate translation services from Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, Arabic, and Russian among other languages. Filing for I-130, Petition for Alien Relative may also necessitate translating a birth certificate and we also offer I-130 birth certificate translation options, meeting the requirements applicable in the US. Official translation of birth certificate has a certain lexicon and format that can only be achieved by expert language specialists with relevant experience working with similar texts.

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Fast Birth Certificate Translation

Official translation of foreign birth certificate may become a challenging process for those who are inexperienced with addressing bureaucratic bodies. MotaWord translators and proofreaders have a profound understanding of birth certificate translation for immigration purposes or similar needs. If you are wondering how to translate a birth certificate for immigration in a reliable and time-efficient manner, MotaWord has a number of options to choose from. Fast birth certificate translation is one of the most demanded one of these as same-day delivery or delivery in 2 days is a common phenomenon for such official documents.

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Birth Certificate Translation Online

Whether the language pair required for your business or personal needs is birth certificate translation English to German or any other combination, MotaWord has a professional birth certificate translator in its team to help you. German birth certificate translation is an area of expertise we excel in addition to Ukrainian birth certificate translation which is also offered in a collaborative manner at MotaWord. English to Spanish birth certificate translation is a specific domain that should only be entrusted to language professionals with the required expertise. MotaWord translation platform enables your document to be translated by multiple translators simultaneously to ensure the fastest turn-around possible.

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Birth Certificate Translation Cost

MotaWord offers its services with a competitive birth certificate translation cost that does not take repetitions into account as each client may form its own translation memory (TM) at MotaWord online translation platform. If you are still not sure about the pricing and asking yourself, “How much does it cost to translate a birth certificate?”, you can always get a quotation from our smart translation system that is empowered by human translation. As an example, birth certificate translation for passport can be uploaded into our system using several different methods including Google Drive extension of MotaWord.


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