Published on Mar 9, 2019

by Marcos Dinnerstein

Do you need to find a translation company in New York City?
You are in, arguably, the most cosmopolitan city in the world and your company is doing business internationally. For whatever reason: you have an overseas client, a partner in another country, you have hired a foreign worker and need to handle immigration matters or your company now realizes you need to go global. Congratulations! As they say, ‘That’s a good problem to have.’

Whatever the reason, identifying a first-rate translation company is an urgent priority. It’s your job to see that it’s done and done right.

How does one determine the quality and reliability of a translation company?
Do a web search for the best or top-rated translation companies in New York City and you’ll come up with a list that includes companies that also do interpreting, simultaneous translating and a host of services that have nothing to do with your need. Should you entrust them with something you have no way of checking? Plus, dedicated translation agencies are seriously expensive due to their archaic ways and human-intensive processes.

Relax! Your New York City translation company doesn’t have to be in New York City.
That’s just a side benefit, in this case. Our company, MotaWord has 15,000 skilled, thoroughly screened translators working globally. These experienced translators have the training and use of our collaborative, AI-powered platform. That ensures you get the results you want and deserve.

On the topic of training translators read, The Expertise of a MotaWord Translator. Learn about the thousands of highly trained translators working collaboratively on translations for MotaWord’s global clients. We rigorously evaluate, train, monitor and work with our translators to hone their skills. That’s how we can provide you the very highest quality translations quickly and at competitive prices.

On submitting your work to be translated, our platform informs all the qualified translators on our network of the availability of your job. That job then starts immediately with several translators working on it simultaneously. This results in you getting your translation faster than your customary translator could ever manage. But this isn’t a patchwork job by any means. We take scrupulous care that all terms are consistent along with the tone and style. How do we do this? The proofreaders on the MotaWord platform are trained to produce a single seamless work that feels as though it came from one authoritative source - working alongside our translators.

The way your translation should sound, its “register” if you will is determined by the collaboration of translators and proofreaders on MotaWord. The subject of Register in sociolinguistics speaks to the way that people speak in various contexts.

Wikipedia describes it:

In linguistics, a register is a variety of a language used for a particular purpose or in a particular social setting. For example, when speaking in a formal setting, an English speaker may be more likely to use features of prescribed grammar than in an informal setting—such as pronouncing words ending in -ing with a velar nasal instead of an alveolar nasal (e.g. "walking", not "walkin'"), choosing more formal words (e.g. father vs. dad, child vs. kid, etc.), and refraining from using words considered nonstandard, such as ain't.

Knowing these concepts and using them as both a translator and proofreader is key to an accurate and consistent translation. MotaWord’s proofreaders have worked for years as translators. Each has developed their skills to understand the nuances required to use the right phrase in the right context.

So, to answer the original question, the best translation company in New York City is also all over the globe.

And you’ll know your work will be done accurately, reliably, faster and at far lower cost using our AI assisted network of top-notch translators and proofreaders. Watch our 
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