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Is Translation Important in the Real Estate Industry?

Published on Jul 16, 2019


The importance of translation in the real-estate sector arises from the increasing demand by individuals and companies to manage and invest in properties across the globe. Translation facilitates access to the right information, to the potential customers in their local language along with a good SEO score of the property advertisement.

The real estate industry is highly competitive and ever-changing. A consultant’s role is important right from the initiation to the conclusion of a transaction. Various tasks such as property listings, attracting clients, negotiating the terms and conditions of sale, and drawing up contracts are an integral part of the transaction process consultants have to carry out. Communicating with the clients in a language they are most comfortable with, can work in their favor. In this sector, where a large variety of legal content and monetary amounts are involved, a professional translation service is highly recommended.

In Spain, for example, the most used language in the real estate sector is, as expected, English, followed by German and French. Other languages such as Russian, Chinese or Arabic are also important in the Spanish property market.

In the United States, roughly 60 million people don’t speak English at home. That’s roughly one in five Americans who are more comfortable conversing, reading, and writing in another language. If you work in real estate, that’s one in five sales you might be missing out on.

Here are few examples of content which should be translated to reach the target market:

  • Property Description – The right description in the local language is important to communicate clearly. We strictly advise a professional translation agency, for the translation of property walkthrough videos, and e-brochures, to communicate correctly and concisely. The use of machine translated language in this situation can cause fatal mistakes and confusion.

  • Legal documentation – All legal documents of the property or the transaction as always need to be translated by professionals. The right and seamless execution of the document develops trust and ensures that each party’s interest is covered and secured.

  • Press releases – Press releases are an important way to communicate corporate events and property launches. It is a key part of the multilingual public relation strategy as it helps to reach a wider audience and leads to an increase in potential customers.

  • Marketing content and promotional videos - The correct terminology and the right message to the target market is very important while preparing marketing content and promotional videos.

  • Website content – Converting visitors to loyal customers becomes easy with a multilingual website. It is one of the greatest marketing tools with a large section of global internet users who research properties online.

  • Building codes – The building codes for commercial and residential properties vary from city to city in the same country and hence the right explanation is important, as any miscommunication might result in a shift of buyer’s decision.

Maintaining the confidentiality of the document is an important aspect to be considered while choosing a translation agency. Motaword offers more features to ensure your security and confidentiality than most other translation services. At Motaword, we use an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, closed servers, and our beloved vetted translator base sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements before they start their first project.

To add on, we do not use Dropbox, FTP tools, or any other channels for the exchange of documents and information. Everything is done through our protected platform to ensure complete privacy and safety of the documents.

When adapting the content to each market, a translator must take great care with the terminology and should always keep in mind the target user, as it could be a client with a high purchasing power.

Keep in mind, however, that in the case of clients with high purchasing power the translator should have a good knowledge of the peculiarities of the market regarding the sale of various asset classes and also know the best way to address this type of client.

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