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Professional Document Translation Services

Providing the best document translation service in exchange for a reasonable rate per word, MotaWord is an innovative translation services provider that addresses the needs of every client in a careful manner. With our high-quality document localization solutions, you can get sworn translation service for your official documents or get your document translated by multiple translators at the same time to ensure timely and fast delivery.

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Online Document Translation Services

Business document translation is a challenging area of work in the translation industry. While it may seem that the business register is well known and unified across all corporate entities, the type of document to be translated plays a crucial role in this process. MotaWord platform supports a great many formats such as PDF, XML, and DITA. This enables customers to get the best online document translation services without worrying about converting their documents across all these formats and try to find a suitable one for the system. Well, then how much does it cost to translate documents? You are one step away from finding it out by uploading the relevant file into our system.

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Document Translation Companies

Many document translation service companies put a great emphasis on the fact that their linguists should be competent in both target and source languages. While this is a fundamental requirement to be able to provide high quality in localization as well as translation, it is not enough by itself. That is, professional document translation online should also take into account the specific type of document. Official documents, immigrant documents, human resources documents or contracts have a specific jargon that can only be rendered to the target audience by a professional linguist. Document translation website of MotaWord can find you a suitable expert depending on the type of document you want to have translated.

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Document Translation Fees

Do the best document translation services always need to be the most expensive ones? Here at MotaWord, we act on the principle that the cost of translating documents does not always reflect the final quality of a task. When we are asked “How much does document translation cost?”, the answer can vary depending on the context and expected usage of the translation. Document translation prices can be seen as an unnecessary expense for start-ups or other corporate identities. However, this service can save you a lot of time and money if you invest in the quality of your content.

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Affordable Document Translation

How much does it cost to translate a document? Well, it depends on a number of factors that may seem irrelevant at first glance. For example, quick document translation services can greatly increase the costs in a regular translation bureau. However, MotaWord implements an innovative system where multiple translators can work on the same project at the same time. Another question from our end is: “How much should I charge for translating a document?” Document translation services cost can be determined by the type of content in a document such as legal or medical document translation.

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Document Translation Agency

MotaWord Google Drive integration is another aspect of this modern translation provider. Let’s say a client needs a government document translation and they do not want to lose time by trying to download a document from their cloud storage and upload it again. This integration greatly facilitates the project creation process. The same ease of usage also applies to court document translation where accuracy and fast delivery are of primary importance when receiving such support. Travel document translation can also be given as an example that this integration can benefit. That is because being one step ahead of competitors when releasing their content, travel agencies’ revenue can be affected by this phenomenon to a great extent.


Questions on Your Document Translation

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