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MotaWord Grabber translates any online article, blog post, and publication directly via your Google Chrome browser, eliminating the hassle of manually copying-and-pasting-and-trimming content from one medium to another. After installing MotaWord Grabber in two clicks from the Google Chrome Web Store, the extension will appear on the browser toolbar and will enable ordering translations instantly with MotaWord account credentials without ever leaving the webpage. Downloading the extension and creating a MotaWord account are completely free. There are no purchase requirements, and support is available around the clock on the website or via a simple email.

MotaWord is a cloud-based high-quality, human translation platform that was launched in January 2014 as the first truly collaborative human translation provider, with a network of 18,000+ selected translators around the world. MotaWord’s unparalleled collaborative human translation process is the most innovative in the industry. With a goal of democratizing high-quality translation service globally, MotaWord developed MotaWord Grabber to create an accessible and efficient Google Chrome extension tool to select and professionally translate online content directly from any website and see it get it done in real time on your browser.

“MotaWord for us is all about accessibility,” says Oytun Tez, lead developer and co-founder of MotaWord. “We are trying to simplify ordering translations, make it high quality and sustainable, while keeping the costs down. After the launch of MotaWord API, we added platform-specific SDKs to help developers get up and running in minutes. Then came our plugins such as WordPress and Drupal. Now we are taking translation even closer to you, right on your Internet browser. We listen to our clients, and we want them to enjoy MotaWord in every platform they want to use it.”

According to recent statistics, over 72% of internauts use the Chrome browser from Google. That is much more than the sum of all the other 4 browsers combined. Over 65 percent of MotaWord users claim to be using Google Chrome and its range of apps on a daily basis, this is why designing the tool with Google Chrome’s store was essential in order to be completely available and beneficial to all users.

MotaWord Grabber is available as a free download through the Chrome Web Store and there are no fees associated with using the tool.

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Published on Sep 21, 2016 by OYTUN TEZ

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