Published on Oct 31, 2014

by Evren Ay

Things are brewing at MotaWord’s state of the art research and development laboratory (it is Halloween, after all, so something is bound to be brewing).

Our development team has been hard at work making some useful adjustments for your Translator Dashboard.

Style Guide Links

First up, if you ever encounter any links in style guides that are uploaded by a client, these links are now extracted and put below the style guide as a shortcut for you.

File Progress Icon

Next, if you ever wondered what the progress of a project that you are currently working on was, you can now see this right at the top of your Translator Workspace. This is in the same area where you can see how many translators are collaborating on the project at the moment. 

Translator Quality Score

And finally, we would like to introduce to you (drumroll)...MotaWord’s Translator Quality Score (now in beta mode)!

Many of you have asked us for feedback on your translations.

The Translator Quality Score is a grading system that allows MotaWord translators to receive useful feedback on the translations that they submit on projects. It is a ratio of the number of strings that a translator has worked on to the number of their strings that a proofreader has had to edit and bell curved based on the average score of the project by eliminating outliers, taking into account the usefulness of the sample size of contributed translations and factoring in the data available for the translator based on previous projects.

Sounds complicated? It is. 

But the results are extraordinary. 

Again, the TQS is still in beta mode. However, in the future, not only will you be able to see your TQS right in your translator dashboard, but you will be able to receive feedback on the strings that you have worked on via email once a project is complete. 

How can you keep your TQS high, you ask? Be sure to click the “commit” button only if you are 100% sure of your translation (don’t guess), and be fully aware of the tools available to you in the Translator Workspace so that you ensure your consistency and style flow with the rest of the translators. 

Remember, if you ever are unclear on how a certain task is accomplished on the Translator Workspace, you can always attend one of our live demonstrations where we show you how to use these tools and can answer your questions about MotaWord (and the cat in the picture).

You can find the links to register and attend below:

Date and time: Tuesdays 9:30 am EST

Date and time: Thursdays 11:00 am EST

We look forward to future collaborations with you!

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