Here at MotaWord, we work hard to build the world’s fastest, lowest-cost, cloud-based, and collaborative business translation platform. We provide translation services in 76 languages, 55 countries, and through the work of over 10 thousand translators.

We generate data on the client-side and on the vendor side, we learn through process experimentation and work on building algorithms that can replace human project managers on translation projects.

We allow our clients to order translation services through our award-winning website, our solid API, multiple plug-ins, and extensions and we want to grow that. As we want to speed up and provide our solutions to the translation ecosystem in an even faster and better way, we are looking for talented software developers.

We want you to join our team where we enjoy the freedom to innovate with a variety of technologies in a truly international entourage.

You will utilize your programming and software design skills to design the best possible platform for our customers and translators. If you are a resourceful team player who does not shy away from taking responsibility in all stages of development for a new venture, we want to meet you.

Our office is located in New York City, but we are wizards of remote-working also. We document everything and hold impromptu Google Hangout meetings any time of the day to bring our teams closer to target.

Technologies Depending on our goals, we may use any technology that helps us attain them. This means a modern development environment, with as many technologies and concepts as we need, to solve a problem in the most convenient, beautiful and fastest way. As of writing, we have around 10 components (e.g, apps, and/or libraries) that we constantly work on. Our current stack consists of Linux, Docker, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python, MySQL. Most of the infrastructure is based in AWS. Needless to say, everything is in GIT, on top of automated server and code deployments.

We are a highly interactive group, so you will feel free to contribute in any stage and aspect of the development. We have two core values that we expect from our colleagues: research and learn from each other.


  • Develop new features for all sides of the platform, from translator dashboards to our internal administration panels
  • Maintain the current code base and refactoring it as we go along
  • Write both backend and frontend code
  • Ensure cross-browser compatibility, usability and responsiveness of the design
  • Come up with enhancements and brand new ideas (you will otherwise get bored)

Our startup environment requires an imaginative thinker with the ability to work independently on simultaneous projects and the ability to collaborate effectively with other team members. Yes, we are looking for jacks of all trades.


  • Ground floor opportunity within the Amsterdam office. Be on the cutting edge of our organization's development and learning.
  • Work with smart, motivated, challenging individuals every single day.

Candidate Requirements

  • You are passionate about software development (Follow blogs? Answer questions on SO? Have a Twitter account following tech industry leaders? Good!)
  • Excellent command of PHP or Java, not a complete stranger to SQL, server management/AWS, and JavaScript
  • You are willing to work on conceptualizing and designing software, starting from an abstract idea, and orchestrating all elements in the platform to come up with the best solution
  • You have an idea about highly organized codebases with version control systems and keeping the documentation up to date at all times. At least one such project.
  • Possess a friendly and can-do attitude
  • A desire to constantly develop new skills (“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” ― Plutarch)

If you are interested in working with us, just send an email introducing yourself to info@motaword.com