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As many medical companies and research institutions extend their work overseas, linguistic barriers quickly become an issue. MotaWord is here to provide localization in Life Sciences with its Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported translation platform to ensure your company communicates your idea and work in over 114 languages.

Our platform has extensive experience providing translation services in Life Sciences in the following verticals:


Being understood accurately is important when the health of an individual is on the line. With its broad experience with medical reports and other patient information requiring specific medical knowledge, MotaWord eliminates the language barrier through its platform for individuals seeking to get medical care and medical institutions communicating with their patients. Hospitals, for example, can integrate MotaWord into their existing systems to seamlessly handle non-English inquiries from their international patients, translate their existing medical records, and transfer translated documents directly to hospitals.

Medical Devices

With the growth of the medical devices industry, medical device manufacturers depend on accurate and quick localization to be able to fully access the global market. MotaWord recognizes the importance and sensitivity of these translations and makes sure its clients receive the highest quality translations. We assure your medical device is used safely with the help of accurately translated technical manuals, compliance documents, software application interfaces, package inserts, labels, user guides, and other documentation translations.


Whether you are a pharmaceutical company looking to extend your sales internationally or you want to bring a new drug to the market and in need of high quality and accurate translation services to extend the reach of your treatment across national frontiers, MotaWord is here to take the charge.

We are well aware that accurate pharmaceutical translation services will directly affect patients’ lives and localization is required in most stages including production, clinical trial research, marketing, and regulatory submission. We have professional expert medical translators who are supported with our language translation technologies to deliver the most accurate pharmaceutical translations in a timely manner.

Contract Research Organizations (CRO)

With the development of new drugs, medical device products, and biotechnologies, the translation needs related to clinical trials also increase immensely. This is why life sciences companies turn to CROs to advance their processes and to implement their studies to the most applicable markets globally. MotaWord has an expert translation team who will help you achieve the best results. Our platform also comes with technologies that allow you to customize the service in ways that will meet all your specialized needs.

MotaWord, Your Partner in Life Sciences Translation Services

In the Life Sciences industry, it is crucial to be accurate, efficient, and fast while being in regulatory compliance - language discrepancies must never become an issue. We can help you carry your products and knowledge to wherever you want to. Among its 24,000 human translators, MotaWord has someone who speaks your language!

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MotaWord is the world’s fastest professional translation platform. Through the use of cloud technologies, smart algorithms that manage projects around the clock and over 24 thousand professional translators, MotaWord provides high-quality translations in any language 60% cheaper and 20 times faster than traditional translation agencies.

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