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With the changing demographics of the internet, providing service across languages has become essential, and MotaWord makes this feasible for companies with even limited localization budgets.

As of now, MotaWord is rolling out service so that our platform is available in many languages. We have localized our site so that users across 55 countries can access MotaWord in their native tongues. For example, if Arabic is your native language, you can order translation services completely in Arabic and you are greeted with an Arabic version of our site based on your location.

Why is this important? It is at the core of MotaWord’s mission to make the translation, and thus information, accessible globally. At this time approximately half of the internet’s content is in languages other than English, up from around 20 percent a decade ago - which is tantamount to a rising number of internet users that function in languages other than English.

The world is becoming smaller. We hear this very often, but there is truth to it. Everyone deserves to have service in their native language, and now there is the technology available to make it possible, as well as the global web users online to demand it. It is also good - possibly even critical - for business.

Bring in the 2015 Web Globalization Report Card. It is here that we are able to compare the top 25 “best” global websites and understand certain standards as to what constitutes such a site. For the second year in a row, Google has been ranked as the best global website, with Facebook in a close second. It is not surprising that this is the case - given the resources available to these companies. Much of the discussion on localization centers around the number of languages and budget. Smaller companies may have more difficulty covering the board in terms of their languages, and thus must be more strategic in how they localize.

The good news is that times are changing. Many of the best practices around localization are not only tied to the number of languages but features such as making social media available across provided languages, building an interface that is easily localized, and making sure the localized content is accessible. These features are easily implemented with good planning. And there are translation solutions available that make localization cost effective on a budget that is less Google-like in size - and completely automated.

With the recent introduction of MotaWord’s API, we are happy to be among the solution providers.

Now companies can connect their blogs, websites, and apps to our platform so that their content is automatically localized whenever there are updates. Finally, localization is within your reach.

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Published on Apr 21, 2015 by EVREN AY

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