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CTO of Motaword Oytun Tez Answers the Questions That MotaWord Proofreaders Asked on November 13, 2019

How is the MotaWord Translation App coming along? What are the criteria for sending translation project notifications? How about the Translation Memory and how can concordance search be used? These questions are asked by MotaWord translators and answered in this video by MotaWord's very own CTO, Oytun Tez. You can follow through the provided script for quick answers or watch the video directly.

For more in depth information about MotaWord's Translation Memory and how our clients use it this article is a must read also: "TRANSLATION MEMORY - IT'S WHAT FRIENDS USE FOR YOUR TRANSLATIONS"

Here is the full script of the video:

And today we have with us Oytun Tez, CTO of MotaWord and we will be asking him questions that we received recently from our proofreaders.

Federica and Henrique both asked "When will the app be effectively working on Android?" and "Will they be able to work from a tablet from the MotaWord app?"

Yes. The short answer is yes and soon. And a little longer answer is, first of all, you should be able to work on your tablets right now - we do support tablets, translating on your tablets. So go ahead and check the platform in your tablet browsers, you should be able to use that.
And regarding the mobile app. In the first version of the mobile app, we focused on getting the notifications to you very fast and allow you to be able to check the projects in your mobile app. So that was what we worked on. And in the second version, we are focusing on our client experience so that our clients can order projects on their mobile devices and we have a faster cycle of projects basically.

In the 3rd version, we are going back to the translators and now you will be able to - in the 3rd version - translate in your mobile phones so that's a whole different experience and there are lots of things to do but we are expecting to finalize it in about 3 months.


Michael asks, "What are the criteria for sending project notifications? Obviously, there is some delay for certain projects. And sometimes I receive notifications twice or even three times for the same project."

Well, I like the question. Compiling a few questions together.

There are no general criteria for invitations. We invite everyone at the same time. However, as proofreaders, we do invite you exclusively to take part in your previous clients' projects. So if your client comes back, we notify you first before inviting everyone else. So that is the only criteria or filtering we have during the invitation phase.

And the second part of the question was - the delays. That was actually one of the primary purposes of the mobile application. Because push notifications or mobile notifications are so much faster than email - email technology is a little old and they go through many layers of communication between the servers they are much slower. So we recommend all of our translators to install the application and use that as the primary communication method with MotaWord. And they can get notified of projects much faster through that.

Then why might a proofreader receive notification 2 or 3 times?

Oh yes. That is our IPM (Intelligent Project Manager) algorithm probably. Especially when a project gets stuck at let's say 80% progress, we do invite translators again. So that might be the case but usually, you may be invited once for a translation and then once for proofreading. So there may be such cases.


And finally, as a follow-up question, Henrique was interested in understanding the concordance search and how to best use the translation memory in MotaWord.


Translation memory is actually one of the most important areas of MotaWord because it provides us with tools to create consistent translations. So we keep translation memory per client, that means whatever suggestion we show you during your translation, all of those suggestions they actually come from the client's own translation history. so you can search in the translation editor on the right side there is a suggestion search box where you can search through the translation memory as well as the glossary history of the client. So those are the very useful tools to create and keep consistency throughout multiple projects.

Thank you, Marcos.

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Published on Nov 19, 2019 by ALI CAGATAY UCAR

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