Published on Jun 8, 2019

by Alican Kozoglu

According to macrotrends.com, with an almost 50% year-over-year increase, Alibaba made $12.398B in the third quarter of 2018. We may never be able to see the Silk Road in its prime despite China’s efforts, but thanks to the internet Alibaba could definitely take its place if it hasn’t already.

Yet a success like that does not come without hard work. If you have used their service, you know that your order might arrive late -  for one, experienced this first hand - but their prices are great. And that’s not the only reason for their success. Alibaba has 17 localizations, including English and their website speaks to more than half of the world’s population in their native language. This is a pretty simple trick - but we know it works every time.

By the way - shout out to their localization partner for their good work. We don’t know who they are but we do know this industry. So we have to add, we are pretty sure that we can provide higher quality translation - not only faster but also cheaper.

But we are not only living in a post-Silk Road era as I mentioned earlier. There’s still is no trace either of the Tower of Babel nor the secret to omnilingualism. Thus MotaWord is the best partner for anyone who wants to reach a broader audience.

Let me walk you through why…

Our intention behind the design of our API was to allow people faster access to high-quality translation 24/7, in over 90 languages. Our global translator base removes the limits of circadian rhythm - basically, the business day never ends at MotaWord. We could receive your website translation project during the Australian business day, get it translated during the European business hours, get it proofread in the American business day and deliver it to you by the coming Australian business day.

That’s only one example. We are here to support every aspect of your marketing plan. Website localization? Send us your HTML files, and we will return it as such. You don’t need to explain to a developer which word goes where. Your online shop could be up and running in mere days, instead of it being a weeks-long localization project.

Press release for a new product? We could translate it for you faster than anybody else does.

Do you have an upcoming trade fair? We can work on your InDesign files and translate your banners, posters, and booklets. Your graphic designer won’t be drowned in an endless copy-paste process. The same goes for your product packages.

High quality translation has never been more achievable nor this affordable. MotaWord doesn’t have any minimum charge. If you have a three-word long text to translate, then you will only pay for those three words. Please keep in mind that, unlike our competitors, our translation/localization approach includes a mandatory proofreading step - a service provided by native speakers - and we don’t charge anything extra for that. You just need to determine your target markets and let us know which languages they speak.

The rest is on us. If you would like to start working with us as your marketing partner (we can even translate your market research), you could get your instant quote simply by clicking here.

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