Published on Oct 9, 2019

by Marcos Dinnerstein

Summary: MotaWord’s translation app better meets the needs of translators and translation clients. MotaWord’s team talks process.

So, just like an old-time Hollywood musical where Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney say, “Let’s put on a show!” someone at each business will eventually say, “We need to build an app!”. 

OK… that may be true but in MotaWord’s case, we took a hard look at the value we could create and who would benefit from a language translation app. Recently, we asked the MotaWord team to comment on how to think about these questions. What value can we create that justifies the time and expense needed to build the MotaWord translation app? Below are excerpts of an ongoing conversation we’re having.

Why build a Mobile Language Translation App?

Evren Ay, Founder: Gone are the days when you report to an office and sit at a desk from 9 to 5. In the gig economy, of which MotaWord is also a part, making use of and monetizing your free time is important. As we always say at MotaWord, we are a multi-sided platform that develops better technologies for not only our clients but also for our translators. The MotaWord Mobile app allows them to work from anywhere without being tied to their laptops or desktops. 

Kerem Onen, Global Sales Manager: Being able to catch up with the speed of MotaWord is an ongoing issue for most of the translators. The ones that are not in front of their computer complain about projects being translated too fast, of not being able to participate in enough projects. The app will help them have access to projects faster. 

Also, vendors (translators) having access to our blog articles are very important. People read articles on their mobile devices while commuting, waiting for an appointment, etc. Making them accessible from the app is an important way to have more readers. 

For clients, MotaWord is underlining its disruptive and tech-savvy nature by creating an app for its clients. Now they can follow the progression of their projects and access their accounts anytime. Also, having a MotaWord app on their mobile is a great asset when it comes to retention and loyalty. 

Priya Ajit, Director of Business Development: While the corporates and the translators contribute to our business growth, we should not forget about the individual customers, who are also significant contributors. Through a mobile application, we can offer an even better and seamless experience to them by giving them the flexibility to upload their projects simply via taking pictures. Getting their translated documents delivered back, in the shortest turnaround time will further reinforce our advantage of being the fastest translation platform. 

Another key benefit is tracking translation projects. Giving timely information about the start of their project to an individual or a corporate customer gives them great confidence and assures them that our translators have already started working on their projects. It creates more trust in clients by keeping them updated throughout the time their project is being worked on.

Kaan Demirel, Senior Software Engineer: Speed is a priority for us in all parts of the system and we want our vendors, the translators, to get notified of new projects as fast as possible. The main reason that this app makes the process faster and more visible is the fact that people unlock their phones for no reason almost 100 times a day and see notifications. So, that’s how vendors will benefit from the app. They’ll see a translation job notification sooner. For clients, the app provides a quicker way to track the progress of their projects.


The MotaWord team looked at the needs of their translators and clients and then built them a translation app. This app gives them a faster way to submit translation jobs (clients), get notification of jobs (translators), quickly begin work on a translation project (translators and clients), track progress (clients), as well as other features that make the translation process more efficient and effective.

Download it now and you’ll see what a better translation experience can look like.

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