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Localization’s Impact on the Conversion Rate

“Can’t read: won’t buy”. It is the title used, back in 2006, by Common Sense Advisory (CSA) to announce a research they conducted to understand customer behavior on merchant websites. In short, this research showed that customers have a large preference for their mother tongue when they make purchases online. CSA confirmed this finding with a series of researches, the latest being published in 2020.

Even though English is the most used language on the World Wide Web, 75% of Internet users prefer content and websites in their mother tongue, and do not make important purchasing decisions unless the product description is in their own language.

These stats show us how important localization is for your conversion rate optimization. So, what should you do to improve your conversion rate?

1- Localize Your Website
Let’s say you want to hire a salesperson. The more languages he/she speaks, the better it is for you right? Well, think of your website as your main sales contact. Give it the chance to be contacted in all the languages you think is relevant for your business. So, the first thing to do for your conversion rate optimization is to localize your website, boost your traffic and get more customers. You can learn more about website localization.

2- Localize Your App
Localize your app, be more visible in App stores, talk to more people and boost your downloads. Here’s a case study on how an educational gaming app boosted its revenues by 70% with minimum investment on localization.

3- Localize All Your Content
Content localization helps you get more buyers. Why? Because, once again you speak their language, you produce content relevant to the customer’s country. According to a research conducted with B2B Technology buyers, 64% of buyers say they value localized content.

Once localization helps you have more traffic, sell more products, boost your downloads, sign more contracts, you will also be able to leverage more marketing benefits over time. The main benefit is having an International Search Engine Optimization. If your content is localized for a specific audience, in a specific country, in the native language of your audience, Google and other search engines will recognize that and it will drive tremendous traffic to your website.

We may be repeating ourselves but, this remains true over the years, everything we just tried to say about online marketing and conversion rates were summed up in an adage by Willy Brandt, former German Chancellor, well before the Internet era…

If I’m selling to you, I speak your language. If I’m buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen!” [then you must speak German]

So if you want to speak your customer’s language, try us.

MotaWord provides localization services in 102 languages with over 19 thousand professional translators translating into their native language, and has extensive experience in content localization services, website localization, and app localization. For all your questions, please contact us at or chat with us through our 24/7 online live chat.

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