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MotaWord's Translation App Is Here

Summary: Work smarter and faster with MotaWord’s translation app for professional translators and proofreaders. See the features.

We’re excited to announce our new translation app for professional translators and proofreaders working on the MotaWord platform. You can use it with either iPhone or Android smartphones and we think you’re going to love using it.

The first version of the MotaWord translation app features:

  • Instant notification: When MotaWord receives a new translation project you’ll know immediately. No more late emails or emails stuck in spam folders.
  • Instant translation project review: No more delays before deciding whether to accept a project or not. (When we release Version 2 you’ll be able to start working on a translation project immediately on your smartphone)
  • Update your profile: Including your email, address, and PayPal information. Access it through the Settings section.
  • Freeze or Unfreeze your account: For those times when you don’t want translation project notifications. Don’t forget to unfreeze your account when you want to resume MotaWord translation app notifications.
  • View your earnings and payment status: What is better than knowing on the go how much money you have made and when you'll get paid?
  • View project invitation history and how many projects you joined: This one is a nice chart of how many projects we are receiving within a period and how many of them you are participating in.
  • In-app live chat: Issues with a project? Questions that need immediate answer? Speak with the MotaWord team while on the go...

The MotaWord translation app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Stay tuned, because we have many more features we’re excited to bring to you. As we roll out the first version, we’re eager for your feedback so please download and start using the app. We’re going to build the best translation app for our clients, professional translators and proofreaders and we depend on your informed feedback to make it happen.

Please take a few moments to answer a few questions to give us your thoughts on our new translation app (link to our short survey here: With your help, we will build a translation tool that removes the obstacles that might exist among you, MotaWord and, most important, the client.

Download the App
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Published on Jul 29, 2019 by MARCOS DINNERSTEIN

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