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Giving Feedback on a MotaWord Translation - For Clients

Published on Mar 8, 2019


At MotaWord, our clients are our focus. Giving feedback is a delicate process, and we want to make this process as seamless as possible for you, our treasured clients.

As a client, we hope you never have to utilize the following information. At MotaWord it is our goal and passion to provide you with excellent, high-quality translations, every time - exactly as you request them. We love to hear both positive and constructive feedback on how we can make our services better for our clients. We hope to hear you shout from the mountaintops how perfectly satisfied you are with our performance, but in the event, this is not the case, constructive feedback is encouraged and embraced. We are here to deliver exactly what you need for your translation.

Client and customer feedback is extremely valuable to us, and without it, MotaWord cannot grow. How you feel about us should not be a secret.

  1. “I like it, but we wanted something different”
    This kind of feedback indicates that there was a key misunderstanding at the time of ordering your translation. Somewhere along our journey together, we stopped being on the same page. We have a few options to prevent this kind of feedback and deliver you our high-quality promise.

    a. Make sure you make use of “Style Guide” and “Glossaries” when ordering your translation
    To prevent your project from getting started on a shaky foundation, and to make your goals as a client clear to our cloud-based, collaborative team of linguists, make sure to provide a style guide and glossary to your project. This will ensure that every individual working on your translation will be virtually sitting next to you, getting all of their stylistic, grammatical, and localization questions answered by your ready-made style guide and glossary. You may also make use of our “client comments” section of your dashboard, where you are able to make comments to any linguist working on your translation project in real time. If any glaring issues should arise, we will also be there watching, and you can reach out to us anytime via the intercom widget on your main page.

  2. “That is the wrong translation and I want a different one.”
    An unfortunate mistake, indeed. Whether it is your fault or ours, when you order a translation with MotaWord, you agree to promptly review the delivered translations and notify us within 7 days of any errors such as outright mistranslations, typos, omissions or nonadherence to any approved glossary and/or style guide. We will correct such errors at no cost to you. You may cancel the services you have ordered at any time - in writing. You will have to pay for the amount of translation work already completed in draft condition at the time of the cancellation. In the event that you send us a document in error, and the translation has already been completed correctly and successfully, you will need to order a new translation with the correct document and pay again as if it were the original.

  3. *Complete Silence*
    Silence is indicative of a big communication problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. We encourage you to communicate with us as much as possible and let us know anything and everything you think about our translations, performance, and your satisfaction as a whole. Ideally, we should be in clear communication with you before you order, during the translation process, and after your translation is complete, proofread, and delivered back to you. The worst feedback we can receive is no feedback at all. If we see you going silent, we will reach out to you.

As a client, your feedback is necessary throughout the process of translation. You are free and encouraged to be as involved as you wish during the translation and proofreading process. Clients can make comments utilizing their dashboard in real time, and the individuals working on your translation will be able to see the comments and act accordingly.

As linguistic professionals, we understand that giving feedback can be a delicate process. There is no doubt that identifying issues and solving them is invaluable, but feedback should be managed positively and with integrity so we can complete your translation in a timely manner and help improve and grow your business.

For MotaWord’s general principles for giving feedback on a MotaWord translation, [](click here).

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