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Procurement Integration

MotaWord - cXML Procurement Integration

Do you have a procurement system in place for your company? We can make your translation experience even easier with our fully featured cXML (commerce XML) procurement integration.

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Do You Procure Services?

We know how important it is to have a single workflow for all of the procurement needs of your company. With MotaWord’s cXML integration, you can now enable your team to order translation services through your procurement platform, whether it is SAP Ariba, Coupa or any of others in the market.


More and More Automation

Your team can stay on the same page, we’ll handle the integrations. You can access detailed reports of your team activity, automatically handle invoices if needed, maintain your translation memory, glossaries, style guides; all in an integrated fashion with your Ariba or Coupa platform, as well as any other procurement system with cXML support.

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Stellar Live Support

We are proud of our 24/7 live support – our customers love us for it. Come talk to us here right now. MotaWord helps companies of all sizes find a reliable and consistent translation solution.

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Customizable Integration

Our cXML integration is fully customizable. This is not a surprise as any integration we build comes with many of our platform features. Get ready for the most seamless translation process you will ever experience. Our team is ready to get you started and ensure that all your questions are answered. All you have to do is reach out to us and get started with a fast, high-quality and seamless translation solution.



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