Certified Translation Service for USCIS

As per the USCIS website; “Any foreign language document must be accompanied by a full English translation that the translator has certified as complete and correct, and by the translator's certification that they are competent to translate the foreign language into English.” Certificate of Translation page on USCIS. Documents translated by MotaWord can be certified, free of charge, for use in United States immigration proceedings.

Instant Certified Translation

MotaWord’s intelligent algorithms are able to analyse your document by performing an OCR (optical character recognition) in any language, performing a word count and you will get an instant quote. We really do mean “instant and no-obligation quotes 24/7 on any document types. Your quote will indicate price and turnaround times. No more hunting for a person to ask “how much will my translation cost or how long it will take”. To see how easy we have made obtaining a quote see this short video.


Free Translation Certification

Any translation performed by MotaWord can be accompanied by a signed certificate of accuracy. The certificate of accuracy is provided free of charge. And it is never too late to ask for it.


Your Certified Translations, Faster

18 thousand translators ready to work for you. A smart algorithm that provides instant quotes. Real-live people ready to answer your questions. MotaWord can help deliver your certified translations within hours - rather than days. All it takes to obtain a quote on the certified translation of your documents is for you to upload your documents to be translated in PDF, JPEG or any other file format on our platform.


Supported Languages for Certified Translation

MotaWord supports translation service in over 92 languages. We can provide translation into English for USCIS use in all supported ones. Feel free to contact us for any language you do not see on our list. For a full list of supported languages click here.


Documents Requiring Certification

For USCIS use, if you have any documentation that is not in English, you need to obtain a certified translation. The documents requiring certification generally are birth certificates, marriage certificates, payslips, diplomas, transcripts, background checks, professional licenses, newspaper articles, etc.


Questions on your Certified Translation

Just click this link to talk to one of us instantly. MotaWord can help you around the clock for all your translation needs.