Professional Translation Service by Human Translators

MotaWord is a global translation platform with over 18 thousand professional, vetted and trained translators working to deliver high-quality translation work in over 92 languages. Our translators are supported by state of the art technology which enables them to work faster, better and in collaboration with each other. Technology is just a tool at the disposal of our professional translators and MotaWord never uses machine translation.

How Much Will My Professional Translation Cost?

MotaWord’s intelligent algorithms are able to analyse your document - even by performing an OCR (optical character recognition) - in any language, resulting in a word count to provide you an instant quote. We really do mean “instant and no-obligation quotes 24/7 on any document types. Your quote will indicate price and turnaround times. No more hunting for a person to ask “how much will my professional translation cost or how long it will take”. This short video can show you in 40 seconds how to obtain a no-obligation quote.


Your Professional Translations, Faster

A 24/7 available platform, 18 thousand translators ready to work for you collaboratively. Our smart algorithms provide instant quotes, get projects started without delay and handle all the housekeeping functions. Our colleagues are ready to answer your questions at all times. MotaWord’s professional translation service is up to 20x faster and 60% cheaper than traditional translation agencies.


Free Translation Certification

Any professional translation performed by MotaWord can be accompanied by a signed certificate of accuracy by the company. The certificate of accuracy is provided free of charge. And it is never too late to ask for it. A certified translation can be useful for USCIS immigration applications. For more information on professional certified translation service click here.


Languages We Support

MotaWord supports translation service in over 92 languages. We can provide professional translation service in and out of all supported languages. Feel free to contact us for any language you do not see on our list. For a full list of supported languages click here.


Projects Requiring Professional Translation

Machine translation is fine for understanding the gist of a communication but when it comes to accuracy and reliability you need a professional translation service provided by professional translators. The translation of your website, marketing content, legal documents, certified translation needs for immigration, translation of your apps, your software translation and many more need translation by professional translators. You are in the right place for that.


Questions on your Professional Translation

Just click this link to talk to one of us instantly. MotaWord can help you around the clock for all your translation needs.