transaction terms

Transaction Terms

This Agreement is made by and between MotaWord, LLC. (“We”, “Us”) and the client (“You”, “Your”) and represents the entire understanding on to services to be provided to you by us.

We will provide you with translation services as outlined in our Quote on a task-order level.

We will charge you the amount indicated on each Quote. If the work you expect us to perform changes in any substantial way (due to a change in task order initiated by you or an error or omission in our automated system) we will provide you with an updated quote and we will seek your approval before proceeding.

For quotes lower than US$5.00, we will add card processing fee if the user is paying with a credit or bank card.

The minimum quote MotaWord provides is US$0.50.

We will keep all the information about your project confidential and will only share it with the necessary personnel in order to complete your project. All translated content along with Translation Memories are your property and we claim no right on them.

You agree to promptly review the delivered translations and notify us within 7 days of any errors such as outright mistranslations, typos, omissions or nonadherence to any approved glossary and/or style guide. We will correct such errors at no cost to you.

You may cancel the services you have ordered at any time - in writing. You will have to pay for the amount of translation work already completed in draft condition at the time of the cancellation.

Dispute Resolution
This Agreement, and all issues and disputes thereof, shall be governed by the laws of the State of New York and New York Courts will have jurisdiction in any and all disputes.

Complete Agreement
This is the complete agreement of the parties as to the subject matter hereof.

Our details:
The full name of our company is MotaWord, LLC. You may contact us by email at