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Market Research Translation

Market research is a broad subject that refers to gathering, storing, and examining data about marketing services and products. As the goal of this type of research is to point out how certain customer behavior is impacted by changing elements within a marketing approach, marketing translation should be handled in a rapid but detail-oriented manner. MotaWord provides the fastest translation services in the industry in this area. This is the result of state-of-the-art translation software and years of sector experience in translating marketing material for B2B interaction or individual needs. MotaWord combines the latest trends in translation technology with an extensive human resource that is based in different parts of the world in order to provide 24/7 marketing document translation services.

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Marketing Materials Translation Services

International companies require a high level of marketing research before introducing a new service or product into the market. While this process takes time, international marketing research translation should also be handled by professional translators in this area of expertise. Pharmaceutical market research translation, one of MotaWord’s most demanded linguistic services, follows a similar pattern where timely delivery is a critical factor. To this end, MotaWord marketing translators can benefit from a suitable workflow by working on the same project simultaneously. The advantage of this system becomes more prominent in translation tasks into multiple languages. MotaWord proofreaders also assume a significant role in market research localization projects by ensuring the highest quality while maintaining strict deadline requirements of its clients.

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Translation of Marketing Documents

A market research translation agency should be responsive to the demands of its clients both before and during the translation process. Choosing a reliable and fast marketing translation service provider among all the LSPs on the Internet may become challenging and time-consuming in general. MotaWord addresses this need in marketing material translation by establishing solid communication between its customers and linguists. For example, when some data is updated during an Arabic marketing research translation project, customers can easily get in touch with their project managers at MotaWord to ensure receiving a final product that is exactly in line with their marketing purposes.

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Survey Translation Services

Marketing translation agency MotaWord’s smart algorithms can recognize any marketing text with the help of an OCR (optional character recognition) process in any language. This enables us to give our customers an instant quote with no obligation to place an order. Besides, confidentiality is a crucial point to consider when providing market research translation services for international brands. MotaWord is a reliable marketing translation bureau that is preferred by many startup companies as well as individual customers as it protects their data from being exposed to third parties. Another critical issue, for example in clinical survey translation, is the use of correct terminology, which is ensured by the expert marketing translator team of MotaWord.

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Marketing Research Translation Cost

MotaWord is experienced in performing, editing, and proofreading quantitative market research survey translations in a verity of languages in telephone surveys, e-mail surveys, interview transcriptions, research reports, and field trials, among others. Having acquired a large volume of the corpus in these subject matters, MotaWord is proud to guarantee that the marketing research translation process is performed by maintaining the style and tone of the source text. French marketing research translation, for instance, is assigned to a set of expert language professionals who are well aware of the expectations of the French audience from a marketing translation and apply these tweaks to their work in order to offer a flawless target text. The same quality control procedure also applies to these projects and is performed by proofreaders who are native speakers of French.


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