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DITA Document Translation

MotaWord supports XML and DITA files for instant translation quotes and the same format delivery! Does your organization use XML and DITA file formats for interoperable and interchangeable documents across your platforms and departments? Need them translated? MotaWord is the perfect translation solution to get your XML and DITA files translated.

DITA document translation

Receive Your XML and DITA Documents Translated in the Same Format

Not only MotaWord’s quoting algorithm give you an instant quote of your XML or DITA files, but you receive the translated document back in the same format, ready to be shared or published! MotaWord also supports many other file formats and makes the integration and the use of your translated content easier, saving you valuable time and resources.

XML File Translation

Consistent High Quality

MotaWord integrates all Glossaries, Style Guides, and Translation Memories in order to maintain consistency and quality over time. MotaWord’s translation and localization specialists are also available to help you create these documents. These resources are the key for your XML and DITA document translations to ensure the use of the right industry terms combined with your company’s tone of voice. MotaWord ensures consistently high quality for the translation of your XML and DITA files by identifying your expectations and your needs, and by providing the right resources to industry expert professional translators.

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24/7 Live Support

MotaWord provides live support 24/7 through its online chat tool to its corporate clients. Come talk to us here right now to ask your questions related to your projects or to your accounts and receive live answers from MotaWord team members in a few minutes.

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Brand and Marketing

MotaWord respects your branding and your marketing instructions. Style guides and Glossaries are created by our experts to make sure your company’s tone of voice remains the same across all documents you need to be translated. All your instructions are integrated into our platform in a way that they are constantly reminded of the translators. MotaWord’s expert linguists will work on all your travel and hospitality translation projects with the style used in their local country, in compliance with your instructions. Your websites and all your Travel and Hospitality material will be truly localized by professional translators.



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