Published on Apr 20, 2020

by Kerem Onen, Kaan Demirel and Hazar Salis

Social distancing and containment measures all around the world have brought us to this unique situation where we have to work remotely, often from our homes (or from our vacation properties - if this is you, stop sharing your pics from the beach on social media please).
Luckily, we have laptops, mobile devices, remote servers, and other tools to make working from home possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, a global event that will most certainly change the way we do our jobs.

According to a survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), 76% of companies have announced flexible working arrangements since the beginning of the pandemic. BCG and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, cites that an estimated 300 million office workers worldwide could do their jobs from home, 30 million of them live in the United States. 

Some say the current state of remote working reflects the Future of Work. We say it is already here, and at MotaWord, we are lucky to be ready for this big change, having pioneered this type of work for the last 7 years for the translation industry and thousands of translators globally. 

Remote work is in MotaWord’s DNA

Working remotely with access to a cloud-based platform and everything at our fingertips, providing us with the ability to work anywhere and at any time... is not news to MotaWord. 

MotaWord, by design, is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, not only for its team but also for its translators and for its clients, thanks to cloud computing. 

18,000+ professional translators have access to MotaWord’s online translation editor through their browser. They don’t need to download any software to work on, and provide translation service on, MotaWord’s cloud-based platform. 

MotaWord’s clients can upload projects 24/7 thanks to our instant translation quotes and have access, through their browser and/or MotaWord’s mobile app, to a client dashboard storing everything related to all their translation projects - project files, source and translated documents, glossaries, translation memories, style guides, and invoices. MotaWord also offers great tools, which make it easier to work from home: Integration with Google Drive for G-Suite users, a ready-to-use translation API, and many others. No need to be in your office to manage your translations with MotaWord. 

Stay at home (and don’t touch your old school dictionary or your face).

PS: This article is about working from home for those of us whose jobs allow for remote work. We would like to send our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all those who work in hospitals, supermarkets, warehouses, and other essential businesses; who are themselves exposed to a high risk of contracting COVID-19, to ensure we have access to essential care, supplies, and services. 

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