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MotaWord’s Security and Confidentiality Promise

Security and confidentiality are built into MotaWord’s DNA. We offer more features to ensure your security and confidentiality than most other translation services. At MotaWord, we use an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, closed servers, and our beloved vetted translator base who sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements before they start their first project.

As working professionals, it becomes increasingly dangerous to trust machine translation with sensitive material that you use for your business. You don’t want to copy and paste sensitive content into Google Translate, where any hacker can dig a little and gain all the secrets you didn’t want to share while trying to grow your company globally. This is counter-productive. Instead, it is imperative to find a translation service that is committed to your confidentiality and security, and for this, is your ultimate translation services provider.

When it comes to security and confidentiality, MotaWord goes above and beyond the norms of the translation industry. With our unique workflow, we create default to creating safeguards that adjust to our customer’s needs by treating each word as sacred. We never email your document to a crowd, we always encrypt, and we treat every client document as we would an ATM pin. Every linguist working under the MotaWord name is consistently and meticulously monitored and recorded.

The translation services industry norm has vulnerability built into its core. Every day, Fortune 500 companies need their private documents translated in a secure and confidential manner. MotaWord does everything within its power to make sure that your document is reviewed only by the necessary individuals to deliver your high-quality translation 20 times faster than the competition.

When you receive a quote from one of our competitors, for example, your document is first emailed to a crowd of potential translators, and the service will create your quote based on the rates those translators require. This makes your document not only vulnerable en route via email, it allows people who may not even work on your document to receive it, and do what they wish with your information. MotaWord is different. Thanks to our evolving infrastructure, talented internal team and unique workflow, we implement translator vetting and high barrier workflows to ensure the safety of your content.

Translator Vetting
MotaWord offers its translators and expert linguists background checks, confidentiality and NDA agreements, and security-specific orientation training at the outset, then ongoing as their career with MotaWord progresses.

While most translation service companies stop there, we believe this is not enough. Our linguists are then actively monitored on each project. Upon customer request, assigned translators will be asked to re-sign confidentiality statements before joining a project. Every entry on our platform is recorded and reviewed. In the event that a violation occurs, we immediately suspend the offender from the project, and if there is a repeat in this behavior, they are removed from MotaWord permanently.

High Barrier Workflow

We never email customer data. When our translators receive project invitations, they only receive the word count and the price rate. It is only when they accept to work on the project that they enter into our secure dashboard, which provides only the text of your document to be translated, through our secure translator dashboard.

We do not use DropBox, FTP downloads, or any other channels - everything is done through our protected platform.

Our translation platform works by segmenting your document into hundreds or thousands of text “strings”, depending on the length of the document. These strings are then only editable to the single translator who chooses to translate that single string. While each individual string can technically be translated by a different linguist, our single proofreader model ensures the cohesion of the entire document.

By removing the original format of your document during the MotaWord translation process, we limit the visibility of your document within a secure environment. Your document is then re-formatted into the original form by our internal team and delivered to you.

Let’s say a translator accepts your project and takes a string to translate, but for whatever reason takes longer than 5 minutes to begin. This translator will be promptly and quickly kicked-off the string, and will not be able to re-assign themselves to that string. A translator cannot view more than 20 string in a document at one time, which limits the possibility of screen capture.

Once your project is delivered, all the data involved with your project is completely removed from any active workspace within our platform. Archives are only accessible to the MotaWord internal team.

As a client, your translation memory (TM) is your property, not the property of MotaWord. TM for a project is only accessible to translators when your project is active.

All companies have content secrets varying in value; all of them can be protected with MotaWord. Do not unknowingly put your company at risk - invest in your confidentiality and order your translation with MotaWord.

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