Published on Feb 10, 2020

by Marcos Dinnerstein

Valentine’s Day isn’t all roses for everyone. This year we present you with a linguistic bouquet. We offer translations of ‘I love you’ in seven languages and teach you phrases to break up with someone.

Remember, roses have thorns on the stems. Here's how you can come together or break up.


    Coming: I love you.

    Breakup line: It’s not you. It’s me.

French Translation

    Coming: “Je t’aime”

    Breakup line: “Larguer querlqu'un” (refers to casting off the lines for a departing ship)

Italian Translation

    Coming: “Ti amo”

    Breakup line: “Dare il due di picche a qualcuno” (Giving someone the two of spades)

German Translation

    Coming:”Ich liebe dich”

    Breakup line: "Jemanden abschießen." (Firing someone off)

Spanish Translation

    Coming:”Te amo, te quiero”

    Breakup line: "Dar calabazas a alguien.” To give someone pumpkins. (vs. giving them love)

Turkish Translation

    Coming: “Seni seviyorum"

    Breakup line: “Sorun sende değil, bende.”(It’s not you. It’s me)

Polish Translation

    Coming: “kocham Cię”

    Breakup line: “"Zerwać z kimś." (Tearing with someone)

Don't forget, these are just some of the translations for 'I love you' and breakup phrases.  There are degrees and types of love and those nuances exist to a greater or lesser extent depending on the language. These are the tiles that make up the mosaic of human experience. Isn't it wonderful?

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This Valentine’s Day we wish you all the best in love and life. Whether you are with the love of your life, in a beautiful relationship with an expiration date, or are quite happy, thank you very much, not being half of a pair, we wish you happiness and deep contentment.

And now a couple of videos related to our theme of translating I love you and breakup lines. We'll starting with a classic song on breaking up:

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Let’s go out on a cheery note!