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Ensuring Accurate Translations With MotaWord

For our clients, getting an accurate translation is very important. If you have ever encountered a bad translation, you’ve probably laughed, cried, scratched your head in confusion, and (if you’re a professional translator) tried to fix it. At their best, bad translations are amusing, but at their worst, a low-quality translation can seriously harm your business. So, how does MotaWord ensure that you are getting a high-quality, accurate translation?

With over 15,000 qualified, vetted, professionally-trained translators in the MotaWord roster, we collaborate to analyze, translate, edit, proofread, finalize and deliver only the most accurate business translations to our clients. In record short time, MotaWord translators can take any business document in any of the 80+ languages within our base, and translate into the target language without compromising quality.

We were born of the idea that many translators collaborating to create an accurate translation would ensure speed, take the sting out of deadlines and provide a better experience where a first-come, first-served, or lowest bidder approach would no longer be necessary.

MotaWord is unapologetically human. We are working towards creating a platform which will enable our professional translator base to not be encumbered by housekeeping or project accession tasks. We are also working on creating translation editors that this base can use to provide not 2,000 words a day output but more like 5,000 words a day - more than doubling their work capability without hindering the accuracy of their translations.

This is something that our translator base is currently experiencing with some of our marketing translation clients like Nielsen whereby we complete translations of over 40 thousand words in multiple languages within less than 24 hours.

As we continue to positively disrupt the translation industry with our approach to collaborative, cloud-based, high-quality translation, we are growing faster than ever. With global acclaim, we are committed to finding creative and proven ways to make our already thriving professional translator base even more accurate. We are the first to say that MotaWord is a work in progress in uncharted territories - we are better than last year but we will be better soon.

By combining the efforts of several tested translators on one project, MotaWord is able to divide and conquer any translation project with 100% accuracy, guaranteed. So how, exactly, is this achieved? By using our single-proofreader model, concordance tools, and translation memory, MotaWord is committed to maintaining consistency within a document in need of translation. Our translation editor checks segments for punctuation and glossary errors. By utilizing client glossaries and style guides, we ensure the delivery of a translation exactly in the format that the client wishes.

This brief video shows how our concordance tool helps with accurate translations:

Don’t believe us? Clients can monitor their ordered translations in real time and be part of the quality process! Simply log on to see the status of your ordered translation, and check the language pairs for quality control. We are sure that you will be pleased with our talented translator base.

Additionally, our Translator Quality Score Algorithm (TQS) works in the background to evaluate the quality and competence of each translator working on a project. Using a translators TQS score, we are able to monitor the quality of each translators work. After every job, we provide feedback to each translator and proofreader to make sure our translator and proofreader bases are working toward our high-quality standards. Our information on our translators is not based on hearsay or unreliable and subjective evaluation. It is based on accumulative and statistically significant data.

Our TQS algorithm is not the only tech-tool we have up our sleeve. Not only are our linguists and language professionals working collaboratively to keep each other accountable when it comes to quality, but they are also backed by a proprietary AI system. Our AI minimizes repetition in the background, corrects formatting, and double-checks our human translators for linguistic consistency.

Our commitment to translation accuracy on MotaWord depends on understanding the needs of our clients with every project they send our way. By providing brand identity and company information to our translators through a “translation style guide", MotaWord translators are able to understand the company tone and voice needed to market client’s products.

Striving to provide an accurate translation is in MotaWord's DNA. Try our translation service today, and be surprised with just how fast, accurate, and easy it is to get your documents translated with MotaWord.

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Published on Nov 9, 2018 by KALI FAULWETTER

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