Published on Dec 12, 2019

by Efe Karasahin

What are the prospects for professional growth and advancement in MotaWord? Knowing what locale the translation will be used in? How to get more work from MotaWord? How can translators see their ranking in Motaword? These questions are asked by MotaWord’s professional translators and answered in this video by MotaWord founder Evren Ay. You can follow through the provided script for quick answers or watch the video directly.

For more in-depth information about joining MotaWord's Business Development team, you can read “Call for Entrepreneurs / Business Developers, We’re hiring!” 

Here is the full script of the video:

And welcome again. Thanks, Marcos. Today we have questions from Berenice to start off; What are the prospects for professional growth and advancement?

Ok well if you are a translator, definitely becoming a proofreader. If you are a proofreader you should know that MotaWord first hires from our proofreader cohort. So please review the job postings on LinkedIn and MotaWord website. Also, business development is an important part of our growth. You can become part of the MotaWord Rockets - a commission-based sales opportunity or directly be involved in making MotaWord functional in the geography or in the cities and countries that you are located in. That's about it. 


And Sandra asks "I think it's important to state clearly on the translation jobs if they are to be translated into Portuguese from Portugal or from Brazil."

All projects have that information in an invitation, style guide and even Translation Editor pages. You would see it on the top there. It shows if it's going from English into whatever or whatever into whatever. If you see someone not adhering to the required language while you are working on it - especially as a proofreader, please remember our “if you see something, say something” rule and just warn us.

Great and Susmita and Shahbaz both have similar questions. Susmita asks "Hello Oytun and Evren Greetings, as a Bengali Translator and proofreader I have noticed the workflow is not that much as I expected also after launching the MotaWord app I did not receive any job from MotaWord, even though I have installed the app in my mobile phone. Could you please check the matter."

It is true that we are - there are certain languages in which we are more active than others. Bengali and Farsi are not one of those languages, unfortunately. But they can be. If either of you is interested, and I think I said this during the meeting also help us get there by working with us and pinpointing, reaching out and onboarding clients that require those languages. MotaWord's sales experience and support can help and you could most probably get into a better career opportunity that would complement your skills as a translator. So if you want to talk about that, I'll put a link underneath but my email also is, just send me an email, we could start that discussion.

And finally, Effie asks "How can translators see their ranking in Motaword?"

If by ranking you mean individual grades the short answer is they cannot. Mostly because our rankings are algorithmic and a single score does not mean anything. We do however share how a translator performed with them after each project. They actually receive and are able to see edits to their contributions and can even comment on those, in turn, reviewing the proofreaders and how they have graded those translations. There is also, once a translator or a proofreader finishes a project, the next time they log in to our platform we let them know how their last project was received. Whether it was done well or whether it needed a little bit more work and again every individual edit that we ever do to a translation is shared with them.

Great and we'll take more questions next week. Great well, it's all for this week folks. See you next week, bye.