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Back in 2013 the then Mayor Michael Bloomberg had launched the "We Are Made in NY" initiative which aims to support the local tech scene by providing "resources and programs" that help startups grow by highlighting job openings at tech startups.

In order to be eligible for the Made in NY distinction and list, tech companies need to base at least 75% of their development in New York City and have at least 10,000 users or monthly visitors.

MotaWord is proud to be part of this initiative and to receive the clear distinction of being "Made in NYC" - after all, if you can make it here, you'll make it anywhere.

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MotaWord is the world’s fastest professional translation platform. Through the use of cloud technologies, smart algorithms that manage projects around the clock and over 22 thousand professional translators MotaWord provides high-quality translations in any language 60% cheaper and 20 times faster than traditional translation agencies.

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Published on Nov 3, 2015 by EVREN AY

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