Published on Dec 6, 2019

by Marcos Dinnerstein

Summary: Translating content for the US market is just on way MotaWord helps Nordic companies succeed.

Nordic Innovation House is a worldwide network of business hubs in Silicon Valley, New York City, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The mission in each location is to create a ‘soft landing’ pad for Nordic companies solving problems on a global scale. That means offering those companies access to mentorship, service providers and advisors, all to accelerate growth in new markets. Their programs include basics in marketing, sales, and branding. And member companies can expect to attend events led by industry experts and workshops on the many facets of entering the US market.

In New York City since 2017, the Nordic Innovation House has been a distinct presence on the city’s tech scene. MotaWord, headquartered in NYC, has been a friend of the Nordics and even attended Slush in Helsinki through this friendship. In New York City, part of Nordic Innovation House's mandate is to help its members translate and adapt their content so that it feels local in the US market. This process of localization is where MotaWord can add tremendous value and help these Nordic companies success in the US.

Now MotaWord is thrilled to announce we’re strengthening our ties with the Nordic community by partnering with Nordic Innovation House to help their members translate their content for the US market. MotaWord will play an important role in the success of these growing companies not only by helping them to translate and localize their content in the US but also by supporting their expansion into international markets. We’ll also be cross-promoting each other on our websites and social media channels. For MotaWord, this will be easy since we’ve seen firsthand the value Nordic Innovation House provides to its members. 

At MotaWord, we’re excited by this recent deepening of relations and look forward to years of supporting the Nordic Innovation House and their member companies. Stronger international ties make the world a better place.

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